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When Ticketmaster Is Sold Out, Ticketron Has Your Tickets
Often is the case that many fans looking for tickets to an event they wish to attend, with high anticipation they head over to Ticketmaster or Live Nation only to find out tickets have sold out, or the most desirable seats are already gone. What to do then?

Ticketron Resale Marketplace Tickets
Fans often end up hunting online. They are bombarded by hundreds of ads, pop ups and more. This can lead to a very frustrating experience. Here at Ticketron we keep things simple and offer a few simple ways to order your tickets. Our easy to use secure website makes buying tickets to your event a simple task. We also offer our customers the chance to simply call us and order those cheap tickets to the event they desire with the help of our top rated live order assistance.

The Ticketron Difference
At Ticketron, we do not play pricing games. Tickets listed on the Ticketron.com website are supplied by licensed ticket distributors who set the price of the ticket based on the costs to acquire those tickets. We do not add any additional markup to such tickets. We do however offer our customers one of the absolute lowest service fee charge per ticket of any online site. We can't believe that customers will pay astronomical fees of over 30% that we see on other sites. Imagine buying 3 tickets to an event and paying for 4, that is what happens when you pay over 30% service fees per ticket.

This is where we step in, at Ticketron, we price marketplace tickets at prices that save our customers on their final purchase price. Our ticket inventory is priced equal to if not less than all other resale marketplace sites and our fees are always much lower. This is not because we have different tickets available, simply put, we keep our operating expenses down and pass the savings on to our customers

About Ticketron
Ticketron has been in the ticket marketplace industry since 1999. We believe that the ticket industry these days is run like the Wild Wild West. Fans searching for event tickets are bombarded with ads, hundreds of new websites pop up every year, phone ads leave fans not even knowing who they purchased tickets from and more.

We stand by our code of ethics, we are a resale marketplace offering our customers the best value on tickets that are sold out and no longer available at "Ticketmaster" or Live Nation at face value. This means that the tickets listed on the Ticketron.com site were already purchased at face value and are now being listed for resale by licensed ticket distributors. We never claim to be a primary distributor, nor do we have any direct or indirect affiliation with Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or any professional sports teams or venues.

Ticketron.com Or Ticketmaster.com
With that said, the bottom line is this, we suggest to our customers that it is always best to take a quick look on Ticketmaster or Live Nation to view ticket availability. If a show is sold out on either site or has only less than desirable seating to the event you wish to attend, then it's time to shop with us at Ticketron. Our prices and service will not be beat. We are a nationally known Federally Trademarked brand and we stand by our tickets and our customers 100% always.

No matter where you purchase your tickets from, we always hope the fans have a great time at their event. Buying tickets to a great event or show should be easy. We do our best to make simple shopping a reality everyday. Order your tickets online or call us toll free nationwide at 888-345-0872.