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One of America's greatest past times is baseball. With great traditions and a storied history, Major League Baseball is a sport fans of all ages can enjoy. The excitement begins with spring training where the back bones of a team's championship formula is formed.

Fans can also get a glimpse into the future of their favorite ball clubs with prospects trying to impress during the "preseason." When the regular season starts the race for the World Series is on.

The MLB schedule seems massive with every team playing well over a hundred games, but it allows fans to watch their favorite teams over and over again.

Whether it a be a home run fest, a perfect game, or just out of this world individual and team performances, MLB tickets provide a great time out.

Fans can enjoy some high intensity baseball with MLB Playoff tickets and World Series tickets. When October comes around, players lay everything on the line in order to bring home the hardware for themselves and their loyal fan bases.

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A Brief History of Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball or MLB is the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in North America. Founded in 1903, the MLB comprises of the American League (AL) and the National League (NL) with 15 teams playing in each league.

The AL and the NL operated independently and remained separate legal entities till 2000. Led by the Commissioner of Baseball, the AL and the NL were merged into a single entity. MLB also oversees Minor League Baseball.

MLB as an Organization & Regular Season

Out of Major League’s 30 teams, 29 are based in the US, with one in Canada. These teams play a total of 162 regular season games between them. Based on their standing, five teams from each league advance into a four-round postseason tournament.

This knockout round culminates in the World Series – a best-of-seven championship games fought between the NL and the AL Champions.

The Chicago Cubs are the reigning MLB Champions, while the New York Yankees franchise has the most number of World Series titles.

What to Expect this Season?

A lot of factors come together and make baseball, a fan favorite – after all it is not called “national pastime” for nothing. However, if one were to identify the single factor behind Major League Baseball’s success and popularity, it would be the rivalries between the teams.

Going into the MLB season, you can expect to see some nail biters between the following teams.

Dodgers vs. Giants – This historic rivalry refuses to die down soon. The two teams have won eight of the past nine NL West titles. While the LA Dodgers have won four consecutive Division Championships, the San Francisco Giants have won three World Series since 2010. The Dodgers have yet to win their first big one since 1988. 

Cubs vs. Cardinals – It was only in 2016 that the Cubs were able to finally end their 108-year World Series Championship drought. The reigning MLB Champions, the Chicago Cubs will jealously guard their newfound rhythm and exalted status. The St. Louis Cardinals are their traditional rivals though and the spat between the prior managers, Mike Matheny and Joe Maddon in recent seasons, added fuel to the fire.  Always expect some serious fireworks when these two teams face each other.

Blue Jays vs. Rangers – This is a budding rivalry, which bears all the hallmarks of blowing into a full-scale war this season. The fact that the Toronto Blue Jays have eliminated the Texas Rangers in the ALDS in recent post seasons, doesn’t help either. So, don’t expect a “quiet” game between these two competitive sides this season.

Red Sox vs. Yankees – It is the Gold Standard of rivalries in US sports. The team’s hatred may have cooled off in recent years due to retiring players and players being traded to other teams, both Boston and New York don’t forgive and they certainly don’t forget. And it’s the fans who get to see the action on the field.   

Astros vs. Rangers – Ever since the 2012 season when the Houston Astros moved to the AL West, this rivalry has been in the offing. Things may have not picked up initially, but it all changed in 2015. In 2016, the Astros were 4-15 against the Texas Rangers. Pundits are however predicting Houston to be the AL West favorite this year.

Cubs vs. Dodgers – This, too, is a budding rivalry, with a lot of potential. While the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year, it was the Los Angeles Dodgers who came pretty close to ending their World Series drought last season. They surprisingly took a 2-1 lead over the Cubs in the NLCS however, lost the next three games. This season, pundits are predicting another faceoff between Chicago and Los Angeles in the NLCS. 

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Upcoming Baseball Events and Tickets

Baseball is a sport with a rich history that holds a special place in the hearts of many people throughout the United The states of America, earning it the title of America's pastime. That's why fans are always looking to get out to the ballpark to catch a game in person, the way it was meant to be seen. There are a variety of league and levels of baseball for fans to enjoy, so get out to a game sometime soon and have yourself a great time at the ballpark.

As usual, the current Baseball schedule looks to be packed with fantastic matchups all season long. The schedule features 162 games for each team, which makes for a long season but plenty of opportunities for fans to attend games. Seeing a baseball game from the stands is a totally different experience than watching it from your living room, and you'll have plenty of chances to see some big matchups all season.

Seeing a college baseball game is another great way to catch some impressive baseball action live and in person. Fans of the game can also attend Minor League Baseball games, which are less expensive than tickets to a Major League game.

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