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Ticketron: FAQS

Q) What row and What is a "FLEX Ticket?

A) The row number is always shown in the ticket listing. In some cases a ticket listing will show something to the effect of "A-G" or similar it means the broker has tickets committed to them in that specific row range. These tickets are guaranteed to be in that section range. but has not received confirmation of exact seat or row yet. Tickets of this nature are often priced a bit lower than standard row specific seating in the same section. "FLEX" tickets are also usually an inexpensive way to attend an event. A flex ticket is often sold at lower cost because it is basically guaranteeing entry to the event without section or row information. This is a great way to save for those just looking to get in to an otherwise popular event.

Q) How many seats in a row in floor 2?

A) There are a couple of options available to find this out. You can call our customer service
line at 888-345-0872 and our live agents will be happy to assist you.

Q) How do I order them.

A) The Ticketron order  process is guaranteed to be safe and secure with 256 bit encryption. Our very quick process has been simplified to one page. This allows you to secure tickets without having to tediously go page after page. An order from Ticketron will take around one minute to complete.

1. Locate the tickets you wish to purchase

2. Click the drop down selector to choose how many tickets you want

3. When you have chosen your tickets and quantity, you will be prompted to go to secure checkout

4. Once you purchase tickets, you will receive an order number. Write this down or print this out. Within 30 minutes you will receive an email confirmation, and broker contact information. For E tickets this process is much quicker, especially for same day events.

Q) Are the tickets still available?

A) Tickets showing in the Ticketron inventory list for any event are currently available. Because the system operates in real time, once a ticket is sold it is immediately removed from the system. On VERY rare occasions on really hot events you may go to a listing and hesitate for a moment and during that time if someone were to select the same set of tickets and start the order process they would no longer be available.

Tickets also remove any tickets that cannot be delivered or emailed in ample time for the event.  For instance, if the show or game is the next day and the broker can't get you tickets in hand before the event or at the event those tickets are removed from the system and are no longer available.

Q) How are the ticket prices determined?

A) Tickets listed on the marketplace are owned by brokers who price the tickets according the cost of acquiring such tickets as well as the popularity of an event. Prices will fluctuate at times as more tickets become available. Ticketron has a standard fee for services and costs which is necessary to be able to operate in such a manner as to make the tickets accessible, operate a quality online service and offer live assistance nationwide amongst other things.

Q) How do you get the tickets that are listed on Ticketron?

A) Ticketron acts as part of a nationwide marketplace. Brokers nationwide list tickets on the exchange. Tickets the brokers list may come from various sources, ie. promoters of the event, season ticket holders, purchasing tickets from current ticketholders and more. How the brokers acquire the tickets may vary tremendously, but one thing is certain, we offer a 100% Guarantee, that the tickets you are purchasing from the marketplace are always valid event tickets.

Q) What does the note does not include admission to event mean?

A) Tickets with this listing are simply clarifying that the ticket may be for something other than the event. We offer parking tickets, party tickets to such events as the Super Bowl, and performer Meet and Greets for example. These tickets are designated for these specific events only and do not include entry into the event itself.

Q) Do you offer military discount?

A) Members of our United States Military are greatly appreciated and respected here at Ticketron. A special code has been designated for useage for our military men and women. That code can be acquired by emailing us at the contact form on the site.

Q) How do we get the tickets?

A) There are now various convenient ways of ensuring tickets are received. For many events purchased in advanced where the ticket is a hard copy, FedEx 2 day shipping ihe method of choice. At times a hard copy can be delivered with Priority FedEx Next Day service.

E Ticketing is now easily accessible for many events right up until the event starts.

Local pickups are also another option as brokers have many pickup areas within walking distance to the stadiums and arenas. Tickets listed as local pickup will require communication between the buyer and broker via email or phone number received in order confirmation to receive the local pickup information directly.

If you are traveling to an event, and the tickets you select need to be shipped, we can send the tickets to your travel destination. Simply add the delivery information correctly in the ship to area of the order form with any instructions needed, or order your tickets with live assistance and allow us to gather the information of delivery directly.

Q) I thought they were sold out at this arena.

A) Many of the tickets listed on the marketplace are tickets to events that have already sold out at the primary distributors, or others. We offer consumers the opportunity to see an event that otherwise would not be accessible, by offering access to secondary market tickets.

Q) Are there any handicap seats?

A) We do get some handicap seating listed on occassion but we tend not to stock those as the venues and promoters usually hold onto those to make sure they go to people that really need them. I believe this is the best way to handle that as there are special needs associated and we want to make sure that they are accommodated as best as possible.

Q) I wanted to see if they would be seated together?

A) All of our seats are guaranteed to be next to one another in a set unless specifically noted otherwise in the description area with the listing. Sometimes it will say "piggybacked" which would mean that seats are in the row in front or behind the others in the set.

Q) What does LB mean in section number?

A) That would indicate "Lower box".

Q) Can I make an offer?

A) Unfortunately, you can't. All the tickets are set at the price shown ... other than when a discount code or coupon is available.

Q) Any way to know what the seat numbers are?

A) Call our live agents at 888-345-0872. If that information is available, they assist you with that.

Q) What does it mean when the tickets are on the aisle with purchase of the entire group?

A) Just means that the set starts with the end of the aisle and goes in. So you wouldn't have to climb over other attendees to get to your seats. Aisle seats are preferred seats for many and are often sold last in any set of 4 or more. This is why brokers prefer to sell the entire group of tickets in order to guarantee your aisle seat choice.

Q) Are these standing room only tickets?

A) Standing room Only tickets will be listed as SRO ...

Q) Do you have to pay for a child under one year old if they will sit on our lap?

A) That would depend on the venue. We've found that most don't have a problem with that but it's always a good idea to contact the venue itself and inquire. If you don't feel comfortable doing that we are happy to do it for you.

Q) Are they sent to me in the mail?

A) No, all of our tickets are sent out via FedEx with standard shipping option needing a signature for drop off. We will never ship tickets via standard US mail.

Q) Are prices different on different sites?

A) Many sites will offer the same tickets or similar tickets to the same event. Pricing will vary depending on the service fees involved. Service fee rates will vary with some sites offering rates as low as 18% while others will go as high as 30%. Here at Ticketron we have for 17 years offered some of the lowest overall pricing online and continue to do so every day.

Q) What seats are the best place to sit and see the game?

A) That's a tough question ... there are so many variables to it. The best thing to do if you are unsure where you want to sit is to give us as call and we will do our best to find the right tickets for you.

Q) What are the best seats available? Does most expensive always equate to best?

A) This is a great question. The beauty of the marketplace is different brokers value tickets differently. Often times a great seat can be purchased for lower prices than some less desireable seating simply because the broker is asking less for the better seat than another broker may ask for a seat that is not in a good location. There are often deals to be found on Ticketron and smart shoppers are able to find very good seats at lower prices. So the other answer is no, the best seats are not the most expensive seats.