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CEO: Anthony J Vicente
Name: Ticketron.com

Phone: 888-345-0872


Ticketron was a computerized event ticketing technology that was in operation from the 1960s until the majority of its assets and business, with the exception of a small antitrust carve-out for Broadway's "Telecharge" business-unit, were finally purchased by Lovecraft Investment Group in 1990. It was founded by Jack Quinn. read more on Wikipedia

The Rebirth Of The Ticketron Brand

Our initial foray into the online ticketing business began as a small regional venture named TICKETRONN. Being one of the very first companies to venture into the online ticket marketplace, Our little brand began to gain national exposure. 

Through our insights of discount prices, today we mark our ticket inventory 10% less than most sites and as high as 25% lower than most sites that claim to have zero fees, our customers came in droves.

In 2009, we launched our newest website, Ticketron.us and immediately realized our need to acquire the legal rights to the brand, as we continued to gain traction with our customer base nationwide.

Finally, we were able to acquire the sole legal rights to the entire Ticketron Brand from the Ticketmaster Corporation. Moving quickly our company acquired the necessary legal Federal Trademarks and today are the only company that can legally use the name Ticketron and the term Ticketron in the USA.

Our goal to revive the Ticketron Brand that millions of us depended on in the 1970's and 1980's is complete.

Today the Ticketron brand operates as a member of the largest online ticketing marketplace anywhere. Through it all our vision never wavered, lower prices, lower fees, and terrific customer service with professional live order assistants always available, has kept our core customer coming back time and time again.

Here at Ticketron we do not spend millions of dollars on Google, Bing, or Yahoo ads, we do not spend millions on Social Media marketing, we do not rely on our customers to foot those crazy costs. For those reasons we can keep our ticket prices discounted by 10% and our service fees well below most other sites.

Everyday discount pricing works. as the online ticket industry begins to grow to unparalleled heights, ticket buyers are beginning to understand what to expect when buying tickets. There is ticket price, there are service charges and as a whole, that is where you determine who has the best value.

1) Ticketron reduces every ticket listed in its inventory by 10% instantly.

2) Ticketron service charges are up to 30% lower than other major sites everyday.

3) Ticketron tickets are backed by a 100% guarantee of ticket authenticity everyday

Why Choose Ticketron For Event Tickets?

Everyday, it seems that more and more websites pop up online selling tickets to events. It is extremely difficult at times for consumers and fans to keep up with who is who.

When you are shopping online remember this, very few online ticket companies can match our longevity, very few ticket companies online have such a rich history online and off, very few companies bring as much value to your purchase as we do here at Ticketron, and very few companies are truly nationally recognized brands.

In this day and age of online shopping, it's always best to shop a name or brand you know and trust. For over 20 years online alone, Ticketron has been a go to source for fans looking for a safe secure buying experience online. For those who don't, our live order assistants give our customers yet a second trusted reliable option to assist them with all of their tickets needs.

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